Saturday, June 16, 2012

Perth, WA-Part 3

1 June 2012

We go out at 10am..We go to the Sorrento Quay while my cousin want to look out the map and have a cup of coffee at Zeno's Cafe..

This picture taken by young brother at Harbour Beach while see the surfing..

For ur information, E Shed Market at Fremantle is one of the Souvenir Shop that sell by Singaporean and Indonesian with the reasonable price..

Cicerello's the number 1 Fish n' Chips at WA..We can get around $30 for 5 persons=RM90

2 June 2012

Today is our last day.Before we back, we have an opportunity to pluck the lemons and oranges at Uncle Ron's Nursery..

Me at Perth Airport...

What I've been bought? Did I shopping a lot? No...Haha..Its juz a shirt and a bag..That purse?? Given by my cousin, Fadlyn Hanim..TQ...

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